Enz-PROCARE Ruminants Formula Enzyme+Probiotic


Ruminants Formula


COMPOSITION: Per kg contains

Cellulase     1×107 U

Xylanase     8×106 U

β-glucanase     2.4×105 U

Pectase     6.5×105 U

Bacillus subtilis     1×1010 CFU

Carrier : Corn Starch, Phagostimulant Minerals, Prebiotics, Etc.


Enz-ProCare is a multi-Enzyme with Probiotic mixed new formula product,which has the the following functions:

1. Enz-ProCare makes up the shortage of animal secreted digestive enzyme, increase ruminants digestive&assimilate capacity.

2. Keep digestive system microecology balance, decrease digestive system disease , improve immunity.

3. Decrease ruminants stress reaction for feed, increase animals production capacity.

4. Promoting growth of bone, gaining weight, good appearance.


Beef, Dairy: 1kg per 500kg-1000kg feed.

Goat, Sheep: 1kg per 500kg feed.

Please note that different kinds of refined feed will get little different result.

STORAGE: Keep in storage of 2-25℃, prevent from light.

PACKING: 1kg/ bag, 10kg/bucket or 25kg/bag

Validity: 2 years