PROVITA Broiler Special Formula


Broiler Special Formula


Clostridium butyricum, Bacillus subtilis

Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus

Total above viable count ≥ 5×108CFU/g

Prebiotics (bifidus factor, oligosaccharide)

Vitamin A     1500,000 IU

Vitamin D3     200,000 IU

Vitamin E     4,000mg

Vitamin B1     100 mg

Vitamin B2     400 mg

Vitamin B6     600 mg

Vitamin B12     5 mcg

Vitamin K3     600mg


1. Adjust intestinal flora balance , decrease enteritis and diarrhea caused by all kinds

of reasons, decrease use of antibiotic.

2. vitamin supplementation, keep broiler early stage physiological function,

3. improve immunity and anti-stress strength , increase survival rate and uniformity

4. Stomachic , attractant , promote digestion increase ingestion speed , improve FCR.


1. Use for broiler all through the early stage (0-15days)

2. Use for broiler late stage (after 15days) when short of vitamins or

digestive system disease frequently occurring period keep use 3-5 days.This Product 250g for 1000L water or 500kg feed.

Caution: This product cannot mix use with other medicine and vaccine, use interval

time should not less than 3 hours.

STORAGE: Keep in storage of 5-25℃, prevent from light.

PACKING: 250g×40bags/carton/drum