MaxCare W/S

MaxCare W/S

Poultry Functional Feed Supplement

Proventriculitis / Ventriculitis Controller


Bacillus subtilis,

Clostridium butyricum

Total viable count ≥ 7×108CFU

Yeast Extract 30g

Astragalus Extract 100g

Carrier: Prebiotics (bifidus factor, oligosaccharide)

Dextrose Attractant, etc.


1. Adjust intestinal flora balance , decrease enteritis and diarrhea , prevent and treatment proventriculitis / ventriculitis (muscular stomach inflammation) caused by all kinds of bacteria.

2. Keep poultry best physiological function at breeding early stage .

3. improve immunity, increase survival rate and uniformity

4.Stomachic, attractant , promote digestion increase ingestion speed ,improve FCR.


For poultry : 1g for 1L drinking water or 500g feed.

This product cannot mix use with other medicine and vaccine, use interval time should

not less than 2 hours.

STORAGE: Keep in dry storage of 5-25℃, prevent from light.

PACKING: 250g×40Bags/CTN, 1Kg×15Bags/CTN

VALIDITY: 2 years