Acidifier Liquid Feed Supplement

Composition: Each Liter Contains

Citric Acid          120 g     Formic Acid     40 g

Butyric acid         40g      Lactic Acid        30 g

Propionic Acid     22g     Acetic Acid     10 g

Malic Acid             5g      Sorbic Acid     2g

Solvents upto        1L


1.Purify water , make sure poultry drinking water safe. Use through drinking water,

and also clean drinking pipe system.

2.Improve intestinal healthy , adjust poultry stomach and intestinal pH, keep beneficial

bacteria normal reproduction. Protects poultry against pathogens bacteria e.g

E.coli,Salmonella spp, Clostridium spp, Camphilobacter spp.

3.Prevent drinking line and papilla blocking, bacteria virus breeding, clean organic

substance and residual mineral in drinking system. suitable for you all kinds of

drinking system.

4. Stimulates poultry flock enhance immunity.

Usage & Dosage:

1. For poultry and swine cleaning water system and health care:

1: 1000 diluted by animal drinking water during breeding period, 1~2 time per week.

2. Empty henhouse drinking system cleaning: 1:100 diluted by water steep more than

24 hours , then put out, wash 2 time by water

Caution: This product cannot use instead of medicine. For animal health care only.

Storage : Store in cool place prevent from light. Keep out of reach of children.

Packing : 1000ml*12 Bottle/ctn

Validity : 2 years