Golden Egg Premix


Layer Feed Supplement  

For Veterinary Use Only

Composition per kg:

VitaminE--------- 25g

Bacillus subtilis≥ 5×109CFU

Astragalus extract, Codonopsis extract



1. Keep intestinal tract microecological balance, decrease digestive system disease, reduce feed & egg ratio

2. Promote calcium assimilate, increase egg weight, improve egg quality, enhance egg production, extend peak production period.

3. Improve liver and kidney function, accelerate toxin and inflammatory substances elimination.

4. Strengthen organism immunity and anti-stress capability


Usage & Dosage: 

1. Use during laying early period (about 60days) and laying late stage (physical laying rate drop off period).1kg per 1000kg feed.

2. During disease recovery period in laying period,1kg per 500-750kg feed, continuous more than 10 days.


Caution: This product cannot use instead of medicine. For animal health care only.

Storage : Store in 5-25℃ prevent from light. Keep out of reach of children.

Packing : 1kg×15 bags/ctn 1kg×10bags/bucket

Validity: 2 years