Golden Egg Oral

Compound Feed Supplement  

For Veterinary Use Only


Vitamin E      25mg

Astragalus extract  200mg

Solvents------------------upto 1ml 


1. Egg shell become harder and fresh color, size become more uniform,

2. Extend laying fastigium. Increase good quality egg production 5%~8%.

3. Adjust hormone secretion, makes ideal egg production body, promote nutrition/ calcium absorption and accumulation. Decrease multivitamin use quantity.

4. Strengthen liver and kidney function, strengthen organism immunity and anti-stress capability

5. Keep intestinal tract microecosystem balance, decrease digestive system disease, Reduce feed & egg ratio.

Usage & Dosage: 

1.Use during laying early period (about 60days) and laying late stage (physical laying rate drop off period).

250ml per 5,000 layers, drink intensively.

2. During disease recovery period in laying period,

250ml per 3,000-4,000 layers, drink intensively continuous 10-15 days.


Caution: This product cannot use instead of medicine. For animal health care only.

Storage : Store in cool place prevent from light. Keep out of reach of children.


Packing : 250ml*40 Bottles/ctn