TOXINCOM Mycotoxin Cleaner Liver / Kidney Protector Immune Booster


Mycotoxin Cleaner

Liver / Kidney Protector

Immune Booster


Toxincom is powder form new formula toxin cleaner liver and kidney protector

detoxicant and immune booster , digestive system health promoter which is composed

of yeast cell wall , probiotic , harb extact widely adsorb all kinds of mycotoxin in the

animal feed such as aflatoxins(AFT), zearalenone(F-2 toxin), Ochratoxin A (OA), T-2

toxin and vomitoxin(DON). And reinforce immune system and promote digestive

system balance.

Composition: per kg contains

Yeast cell wall     ≥ 200 g

Bacillus subtilis     ≥ 1*1012 CFU

Carrier Herbal Extract Such as

Astragalus Polysaccharides & Glossy Privet Fruit Extract Etc. up to 1kg


Powerfully prevent mycotoxins growth and absorb all kinds of mycotoxins and their

metabolin, improve feed quality.

Protect liver and kidney functional, in favour of toxin decomposition and metabolism

Promote feed intake by optimizing intestinal metabolism and increasing digestion.

Improve animals’ immunity by stimulating immune response and reduce animals’

morbidity especially digestive system disease.

Improve performance of production and breeding; enhance economic benefit.

Usage & Dosage

1. Daily Health care and Mycotoxin cleaning: 1kg per 1000kg feed .

2. During disease period which caused by mycotoxin such as enteritis diarrhea

glandular stomach inflammation / muscular stomach inflammation liver and kidney

functional damage.

1kg per 500kg feed. Keep 5-7 days.

Packaging form

1 kg/aluminum foil bag 15 Bags/CTN. 25 kg kraft bag .


Stored with sealed packaging in a cool, dry place.

Validity 2 years